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A wonderful week of deep practice with these two very dedicated teachers. Norman and Maitripushpa's first retreat with us was blessed with stunning weather with sunny skies and calm, clear seas for the whole time.

To start the day there was meditation, not too early but early enough to enjoy the morning's still moments. Followed by Norman's Ashtanga yoga with love and lots of props which was joyfully received, offering lots of options for those who wanted to take it easy, but a stronger practice available for the more excitable guests. Brunch was a delicious end to a fun filled morning. There was time for a nap or a swim before Yin Yoga in the afternoon with everyone happily propped up and left to chill for a while. Last thing before dinner was an hour’s guided meditation. Hugely knowledgeable and a self proclaimed mediation study geek, Maitripushpa’s mediation sessions were varied, often introduced with body awareness then sitting in different ways and some moving mediations too.

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