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Norman Blair & Maitripushpa
6-13 October 2018

Delighted to have Norman Blair and Maitripushpa revisiting Yoga Rocks in 2018.

Practical, intelligent and with a sense of humour, Norman’s grasp of all things yogic is deep yet accessible. In London Norman teaches classes, workshops and teacher training courses as well as working with small groups of teachers who value his support and advice. Maitripushpa’s sunny and helpful outlook, along with her deep knowledge of all things meditational, completes this retreat mix.

Norman’s morning yoga classes are Ashtanga with love. He’s fond of props as well as explaining the detail in the yoga postures so you can feel fully supported, mentally and physically. These joyful asana classes wind round the Ashtanga primary series, though take a slower, more forgiving pace than traditional Ashtanga classes. With variations a plenty you are sure to carve out a comfortable and beneficial practice which really works for you – there is definitely room for manoeuvre. There are slow, juicy Yin Yoga sessions most afternoons where you will have chance to get intensely involved with each pose. Under Norman’s sensitive guidance you can recognise your edge and enjoy experimenting with subtle, and not so subtle sensations. He has recently finished a book combining his take 0n yoga philosophy with a fantastic practical guide to Yin Yoga, have a look here.

Meditation with Maitripushpa is varied and can be a great introduction to meditation or an amazing opportunity for existing practitioners to develop. A couple of sessions each day allow her to tap into the vibe created by the asana classes. Guests drop deeply into themselves in her classes that may include body awareness, walking meditation, sitting or various contemplative practices. Maitripushpa has a big Buddhist influence but years of study with varied traditions inform and enrich the meditation experience on this retreat.

900 euro

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Hip openers by the sea with Norman on yoga holiday
Yoga Rocks indoor shala
Norman Blair virasana teaching yin yoga and Ashtanga at Yoga Rocks Crete