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Norman and Maitripushpa treated the retreaters to a merry schedule starting quiet and early with meditation. Maitripusha’s relaxed approach to contemplative practices brought sparks of insight and openness. Norman then hit the deck: time for Ashtanga yoga with love and props. He winds round the Ashtanga primary series introducing ideas of safe alignment and helpful support making everyone feel comfortable and by the end of the week a little further down their yoga path. Then a massive brunch, if possible even juicier than those that have gone before.

The brunch left a good chunk in the middle of the day for beach time with stunning sunny weather and a fresh breeze. At 15.30 Yin Yoga classes started earlier than usual due to the Autumn season. The guests loved melting into various asana while greeting seemingly new muscles. Maitripushpa rounded up the afternoon with more mindfulness often with a magical, sunset silent half hour leading up to dinner.

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