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Bridge or wheel pose at Yoga Rocks

Reema tends to teach a satisfying and chunky morning class with everything beautifully included in the mix. Depending on the time of year she may start early or go for a later session taking the guests right up to lunch.

Beginning with a taste of devotional chanting, which is fully explained and appreciated, leading into slow mindful movements from sitting. By then the yogis are already in Reema’s special yoga zone and ready to move on to some deliciously unusual asana, more common poses blended with some lesser known and satisfying shapes.

She allows you to take the time to surrender, stealthily shifting you to a naturally deep place where you can start to practice witnessing your mind. Some afternoons offer a slower and more simple practice.

She is totally authentic and fully accessible, explaining the technical aspects of the more subtle yoga immaculately. It is rare that teachers have this deep immersion in genuine yoga knowledge from childhood and this really comes through in Reema’s ability to round up important aspects of yoga into a few, fully comprehensible words.

Reema loves music and each retreat so far has had a musical evening, dancing opportunities and thought provoking outdoor cinema night.

Reema Datta teaches at Yoga Rocks, Crete