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Simon has been teaching retreats as well as some Prana Flow teacher training modules since 2012 at Yoga Rocks. We always get excited about his visits as, aside from being an asana and Thai massage genius, he is more importantly a nice and down to earth bloke. He offers his 20 years of committed yoga experience, having studied deeply with Shiva Rea and other legendary teachers, to take your practice and teaching to the next level.

Guests can get giddy too about this asana intense retreat. One Simon calls an Intuitive Flow Retreat. You can expect fluid and subtly intense asana, therapeutic flows peppered with spicy inversions balanced by grounding, supportive assists. His intuitive and practical knowledge of anatomy inspires new confidence in a complex and sometimes confounding area, fantastic for teachers but also interesting for those wanting to get a little deeper into the details of the practice without really trying!

Afternoons can be at the beach or in the shala with Thai massage, asana therapeutics, restorative poses and much more on the menu. The retreat develops organically as required!

Anyone with an established asana practice who wants to learn more will enjoy this week. A joy simply to fly high on his upbeat and adventurous, though therapeutic asana.  Fantastic also for teachers who’ll be inspired to return more confident to support both beginners and experienced students in developing their yoga. While there’s a lot to learn from Simon it’s information peppered through lively classes to be absorbed by those with the hunger for it. Simon’s own advanced asana practice gives an exciting glimpse into where we can go with our bodies. His humble and cheerful approach to life balances this and shows us how to love yoga in such an enthusiastic and expansive way.