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Lovely to have Sky and Sanna back at Yoga Rocks for the full Sama Yoga treatment; two weeks of yoga, meditation, pranayama and sometimes a Vedanta treat after lunch. Sky is always finding new magic to add to his marvelous box of tricks and at the moment he has a crush on crunching! He’s loving to focus on the core, finding that delicious, intense deep belly moment. That along with lots of other creative, refreshing shapes interlaced with breathing and chanting made for incredible yoga sessions. Sanna offered some meditations in the fresh Cretan morning and her Vedanta classes were a wonderful opportunity to know a little more. Over the weeks there were sleepy time talks, night walks and some Kirtan, enjoyable additions to an already satisfying retreat.

A couple of lucky punters stayed for two weeks and there were a few flight changes in order to stay just that little bit longer. On the Fridays we hit the taverna for a feast as guests prepared to trip off happily home, a little bit better prepared for the real life ahead.

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