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Sky’s miraculous retreats are always a joy – one of the highlights of our season. His intuitive classes normally begin early around 07.00 and go on two hours or more normally encompassing some traditional chanting during the poses such as sun salutations as well as pranayama and meditation either woven through the class or separately taught.

Breakfast and beach time flow into the middle of the day and a leisurely lunch. Afternoon asana class composition depends on the group and what they encourage Sky to pull from his deep and full bag of yoga offerings. Having seen many of his retreats unfurl at Yoga Rocks we can confidently say these sessions never fail to hit the spot varying as they do enormously with the guests who join the week.

Sky’s holidays are always unfailingly enjoyed by all our guests, be they yoga beginners or yoga teachers.  Aimed at those looking to go deeper into themselves, as well as yoga in all its forms, rather than a retreat for those looking to achieve an asana goal. The asana is quite unique, at points very gentle and always geared to illuminating ourselves rather than be an end in itself.

After dinner, where there’s an appetite for more, Sky leads yoga goodies from meditation, authentic mantra chanting  to even a ‘dance’ event!

Having been lucky enough to receive teachings from a strong and deep lineage Sky Akasha is happy to share the knowledge he’s grateful to have received.