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Sky ॐ 10-24 September 2016

Sky leads some of our favourite yoga holidays at Yoga Rocks. Special yoga teachers have something unquantifiable and alluring about themselves and Sky has this in abundance. His humility in helping guests find their place within the yoga retreat allows all to flourish.

Dedicated to passing on the joy of yoga to others and encouraging you to accept yourself just as you are. Sky has taught and lived yoga for the past 26 years. His uniquely inspiring and rewarding classes are rooted in the deep principles and traditions of classical hatha yoga.

Always spontaneous and fully honouring of his students, Sky teaches with a relaxed passion, exuberant humour and clear understanding of the poses and their benefits.
It is always a real pleasure to host Sky and his lovely partner Sanna.
800 euro for either week, 1500 euro for both weeks