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Brian Cooper and Nawajyoti led two very successful and well oiled three week Union Yoga Intensive Teacher Trainings here at Yoga Rocks.

Brian’s keen, experienced eye along with his voluminous knowledge, vast experience and strong opinions provided the base for learning. Nawayjoti’s caring assistance and varied yoga background ensured depth and a rounded learning experience.

The course was based asana wise round the Astanga series and included meditation, pranayama and some salsa led by Nawajyoti. One year the group were here to learn, the other year they were seriously¬† intent on their ‘beach yoga’ or bronzing as well as the course.

We thoroughly enjoyed having the teachers trainees at Yoga Rocks and are massively fond of both Brian and Nawajyoti who have been running teacher trainings since the beginning of the century! Sounds impressive – they are.

Stephanie attended this course here and wrote: Technically brilliant, thorough and thoughtful are the first things that come to my mind to describe this course. I really couldn’t recommend this training enough – but not without caution, that being: it is not for the faint-hearted.

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