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William’s unique and inspiring style of teaching was fully embraced by an energetic, open and enthusiastic group of yogis on this yoga retreat. Possibly the most intensive and long asana classes that have been taught at Yoga Rocks – an asana explosion. Anyone for more backbends?!

Early morning pranayama was followed by a highly appreciated and cheerful tea break after which the asana work began. Long walks on the beach and fresh dips in the sea were followed by a detailed afternoon workshop-like class. William Holtby is really an expert at getting folk into positions they might have thought unattainable and during the afternoon workshop classes this was truer than ever.

William’s love of asana shone through as guests were able to take part in more and deeper classes that they could have imagined. One for those who wanted to go deeper! See Helen’s interview with William on the slider.

We first found William in Chang Mai in Thailand and he captivated us there with his enthusiastic but also very knowledgeable and safe love of asana. He is currently in Japan a lot as well as Thailand – if you get the chance give him a try!

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