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We are all giddy that the 2017 retreat schedule will be on the website in early November. Once it’s online we’ll begin taking bookings. If you are on our mailing list you’ll get a cheerful email alerting you to the new schedule and inviting you to take advantage of our early bird discount. Very much Looking forward to see old and new faces alike on our yoga holidays.

Please excuse us not taking bookings for the 2017 yoga retreats just yet. Although dates are confirmed, we like to be 100% sure there will be no schedule changes once folk start to take time off work and book retreats etc. It’s also our email downtime, as well as simpler to finish one season before taking bookings for the next one.  Hopefully you can understand or appreciate our concern for our guests as well as ourselves! If you are concerned about missing out on a retreat that may book up early please email and request to join the mailing list.