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It is February and very cold. Imagine not having a roof over your head or anything good to eat. We are fundraising for Refugee Community Kitchen.

To donate:

Check them out here:

At the end of the month we will give away a couple of retreats so please let us know you have donated to them or anyone else of your choosing using the form below and we will put you in the hat.

Over February we will be splurging on the socials with thought provoking stuff (resources below the form) to provoke thoughts and hopefully action!

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    Have you donated something to someone and would you like to win a yoga retreat?


    A couple of short YouTubes about RCK:
    The Swimmers on Netflix
    Flee seems to be hard to get hold of but looks worth finding – it looks like it might be available from itunes This is a really old one direct from Calais from February 2018 so some of it is not current This is from refugee week this year and is a funly chaotic episode with some moving real life stories Media Storm is an amazing podcast with loads of proper news and this is a very interesting recent episode
    Asylum Speakers by Jaz O’Hara is a book and a podcast
    As a special treat we were really grateful that, Yoga Rocks friend and pelvic power expert, Jane Collins Zoomed a special workshop on Perimenopause, Menopause and Pelvic Power for anyone who is, was or will be experiencing menopause. She is a joy to watch and knows soooo much. There aren’t many teachers around with such practical and joyful insights into anatomy. Do check her out for any pelvic power workshops coming up on