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As another week with Mr Lurey draws to a close it is great to see how David’s perky and enthusiastic demeanour has penetrated all the corners of the retreat. The morning classes have kept everyone on their toes, subtly flowing from a still ten minute meditation to the creation of all sorts of new and classic shapes. Sunday afternoon was a inspiringly sequenced Yin Yoga class, other afternoons had different themes.

On Wednesday afternoon most of us tripped off to Preveli on a boat and leaving the crowds on the beach behind some of the crew scrambled high up the river. It was a magic afternoon in a cool gorge with very fresh water and chunky palm trees.

Each class tickled muscles no-one knew they had and by Friday evening the guests were feeling grounded, happy and strong – possibly some a little achey. So to top the week off David led an afternoon session of Thai massage.  Zonked and happy the guests headed for the taverna closing meal.

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