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What a fantastic group of yogis! It was an eclectic retreat with so many nationalities and laughs. Everything was optional and Helen offered asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting and even some dancing, engineered by Phil and Ian.

Joyous spirits and an open and enquiring group made this retreat one to remember. Everyone got what they individually needed from the yoga holiday be it contemplation, refinding the joy in their life, advancing their asana or watching their team progress through the group stages of Euro 2012 at the local taverna!

Big Love was found and hopefully taken away and spread…

Lotte wrote: Teaching me yoga and meditation, you helped me with some tricks to deal with other stuff that is going on in my life at this moment. You inspired me in a lot of ways; finding inner peace and quietness by practising meditations and breathing, using physical effort to create space to breathe. Also as a person being who you are: a great teacher, always with a smile on your face, sending love and appreciation to everyone which make others lighten up. Thank you so much.

Francine wrote: I feel so light, with a big smile inside of me that this crazy real life thing hasn’t crashed on me yet!!!! Thanks for everything and I truly hope to make it back sometime next year.

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