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Helen’s much loved yoga and transformational retreats are relished at Yoga Rocks.

Optional pranayama and meditation starts around 07.00 with a tea break to allow late risers to join the asana class at around 07.45. This can be a two hour class or more as Helen eases guests into the poses in a loving, caring way so that they hardily notice the poses they are doing and how long they are holding them – sneakily evil.

Breakfast is followed by hammock lounging, beach time or excursions before lunch. Three to four afternoons there’s a two hour asana class often with a workshopy feel looking into poses in a bit more detail or simply a melting restorative session as required. An open space with Helen is thrown in for those needing a particular look at something that is intriguing them or they’d like help with.

Dinner is followed a few evenings by chanting, meditation, or a pyjama pranayama session. Sometimes a liberating dance evening is on the yoga menu.

It’s a week where the asana is not the most important thing – the aim is to leave some luggage behind and be a bit nicer to ourselves and others. Helen’s accessible exposition of yoga theory relating to our personal interactions can bring on profound jumps in understanding ourselves and what yoga is really about. Guests also enjoy their asana advances with Helen giving a lot of variations and guidance to take everyone from beginners to advanced students to where they can safely head.