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Simon Park is not only an asana genius but he also sometime plays Fleetwood Mac in class. Bingo. A happy group of interested campers enjoyed the quirky and highly educational practices with Mr Park. Each day had a unique flow as the schedule refitted itself to the surroundings, weather and expeditions.

The weather was playful with some wind and some lovely morning practices outside in the fresh dawn, warmed quickly by the rising sun and the steady flow of freeing and softening asana. It was an indepth and sometimes challenging class followed by breakfast and often a Simon induced optional beach outing. Lunch was delicious and comfortably late at 14.00. Spirit lifting afternoon asana was followed by sunset dinner.

Friday evening saw Yoga Rocks’ first night out in Ligres enjoyed by all especially a small blond dog. Simon, we love it – come back and do it all again next year.

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