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Simon Park has led a yoga retreat and a few Shiva Rea Prana Flow teacher training modules at Yoga Rocks. All were spectacular times we love to repeat. High energy, exciting asana and fluidity become the norm on these weeks.

Don’t expect a traditional yoga training format with heavy theory classes, rather Simon is expert at weaving the information through challenging asana classes. This allows those who’ve come simply for the classes to enjoy a full asana schedule, while those who’ve come to learn can soak up as much of the surprisingly succinct knowledge as they have a thirst for. Like most great teachers Simon can get across complex themes, ideas, adjustments and more in very simple terms making them both accessible and easily understood. Afternoon sessions do get a workshoppy feel as hands on assists, massaging and more are taught in a practical context.

Simon’s spontaneous character and restless nature mean classes may take place anywhere along our beautiful coastline as he ups and offs to take advantage of all the area has to give. This spur of the moment action not only encourages us to be in the now but engages in a practical manner to breaking down our natural wish to be in control and know exactly what is going on!

Always a blast of a retreat with Simon – are you ready for it?