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Yoga Rocks retreat with pool by the sea

A retreat day with Norman and Maitrpushpa will leave you feeling balanced both physically and mentally. The holistic schedule is both satisfying and comfortable.

Guests begin the day with an early morning meditation. Maitripushpa takes your quiet morning brain and expertly, over the week, leads you on a meditation journey. Soon to be a doctor of such things, having recently finished her thesis, she is perfectly qualified to lead you on your mindfulness path.

Norman takes over. With his large bag of props and his hugely compassionate nature he leads the guests through an enjoyable and good natured Ashtanga primary series. Everyone, no matter their level, is made to feel safe and cared for.

Following a brunch and beach break, Yin Yoga is next on the menu. Norman is highly knowledgeable about anatomy and enjoys simply and effectively letting you know what is happening and where! It is a fascinating trip inside, giving you time and permission to tune in and drop out. Holding the poses for a bit longer helps you develop the confidence and intuition to know where to ease off or where to go deeper and Norman’s words of encouragement are hugely helpful in this process.

From the Yin zone it is easy to slide the brain downstairs for sunset meditation with Maitripushpa. This is perfect moment to go deeper. Whether it is a walking meditation or a moment of contemplation on the stunning sea scape it leaves you in top shape for a chilled and cheerful delicious dinner. The perfect end to a stimulating and rejuvenating day.



Meditation with Maitripushpa