Posted Jan 6, 2014

What To Bring To Yoga Rocks

You won't need to bring anything complicated but this list may help with efficient packing! As with all holidays you'll probably find you did not need to bring as many things as you have done.

Since we are in the middle of no where with the nearest useful shops and cash points half an hour's drive away, it is important to bring essentials. You will need money for transfers and maybe massage, souvenirs or drinks at a taverna and the Friday night meal out which is €10-14.

Essential Retreat Items
Flip Flops/Sandals
Walking shoes if you are planning to walk
Sun hat, sun cream, sun glasses
Bikini/Swimming Costume/Trunks
Beach towel(s) - we provide room towels
Comfortable yoga clothes
The summer dresses you hardly wear
Cool practical summer clothes
Some long sleeves for cool evenings/beach cover up/sun burn
Enough money (the cash point is forty minutes drive away)  
A water bottle    
Optional Extras:
Binoculars (for birds or the very slight possibility of dolphins)
Snorkel, mask and flippers (we have them at Yoga Rocks to borrow though if you have your own its better to bring them)
A good book (though we have quite a nice library)
Mobile phone charger (Euro adapter if necessary) if you are bringing a phone