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Yoga Rocks retreat

In their 2016 Eight Beautiful Yoga Retreats Around the World run down said:

The Yoga Rocks Retreat in Crete is a wonderful, peaceful retreat owned by Phil (who’s father is from Crete) and Helen. They are extremely dedicated to their space, and try every day to cultivate an atmosphere of peace and acceptance.

The mountains behind the retreat center and the sea in front definitely add to the atmosphere, so you can just let your cares float away.

What makes it special?: “The peace and pressure-free accepting attitude at the retreat inspires and opens up the inner space so you can see yourself clearly as well as how to make positive changes in life. It’s hard to find that perspective in the whirlpool of life and the retreat seems to have a special energy to facilitate this,” Helen says.

NB. The top picture in the article is not from Yoga Rocks!