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Yoga is a massive topic and we get asked many questions by beginners, experienced yogis and teachers alike. Don’t be shy, if you can’t find the answer to your question below, or in our other FAQ sections, please write to us at

What does the daily schedule look like?
Each teacher schedules the retreat differently, depending on their yoga style and the sun rise and sun set times as well as the daytime temperatures. We normally have a good idea of what the schedule will be for each teacher so you can ask us or check out their Yoga Rocks past retreats for a good idea of how the holiday will look.

On which days does the yoga start and finish?
Most people arrive for the retreat on the Saturday so they can settle in and the first class is Sunday morning. The last yoga class is normally Friday morning, leaving Friday afternoon free for absorbing your week and relaxation. Occasionally a group may have Friday afternoon yoga and, rarer still, a Saturday morning class.

Yogis from Yoga Rocks retreat doing beach partner reverse warrior on the beach

What type of yoga is good for me?
There are many different styles of yoga with many different ways of teaching them. At Yoga Rocks we like to look to the similarities between styles rather than the differences! However, some styles are more suitable for some people than others, so you can write to us to see which retreat might suit you best. What’s often more important than the style is the personality and experience of the teacher – our teachers are all caring, knowledgeable and supportive. We have a page about Which yoga retreat is right for me? which should help.

What will I get out of the yoga retreat?
You will enjoy a peaceful yet fun and healthy holiday with like minded people in a beautiful place. Most people go home with a new sense of well being, some good habits and a higher level of energy – in some cases this can change your life! We can’t promise this but we will do our utmost so that you have a great retreat and a relaxed smile at the very least.

Who is the yoga retreat for?
The retreat is for anybody who wants to come. We have guests from 0-80 years old, and from all over the world. Normally we have 7-10 nationalities on a holiday.

Are the retreats suitable for yoga beginners or people with no yoga experience?
Most yoga holidays here are aimed at all levels. Our teachers are highly experienced in working with all level groups. However occasionally, especially if a teacher is teaching two weeks, some weeks may be better for more experienced yogis. We can advise you on this.

Do I need to bring any yoga equipment?
We have black yoga mats, yoga belts, yoga bolsters, blankets and cork yoga blocks for you to use. Some people prefer to bring their own mat – of course this is fine.

Is there meditation?
Some weeks there is formal sitting meditation otherwise there is pranayama (yogic breath management exercises), chanting or some form of enjoying the space between the thoughts. The atmosphere at Yoga Rocks is particularly good for finding quiet space for yourself. If you have a particular interest in meditation please contact us and we’ll recommend particular retreat weeks.

What are the yoga spaces like?
We have a stunning yoga room overlooking the sea and the bay. Airy and spacious, it is a comfortable and inspiring practice space.

What are the class sizes?
Class sizes vary, but are normally between 5 and 25. We have a maximum of 20 guests on a retreat, but with the team you can end up with a class of 25.

Is there pranayama taught on the retreat?
Pranayama are yogic breathing exercises and most teachers do some form of pranayama during the week, either as separate sessions or, before or after asana practice. Some of our teachers are extra experienced in pranayama. Let us know if you want extra info about them.

Triangle pose on yoga holiday in Crete