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2017 Yoga Rocks holiday giveaway #positivechangeretreat

The 2017 retreat lotto has now closed.

We have been overjoyed with everyone’s inspiring pledges. Good luck to everyone in their missions  – hopefully they spread the love and are also personally fulfilling for you all.  If you want some good vibes check out what others are up to below, on the Facebook event page as well as our FB pages and Twitter.

The lucky winner of the free yoga retreat this year chosen by a trusty random number generator was Christiane Kay!

To bring in 2017 we have a new Yoga Rocks giveaway lottery. This year it’s all about pledging a positive change in your life #positivechangeretreat. We are looking for your pledges on our social media to do some good deeds and then we’ll pop you in our lottery to win a yoga retreat at Yoga Rocks.

What positive change? We love the animal angle so you could go for shifting your eating goalposts for a week, month or more, pledging to go vegetarian or vegan. Alternatively how about visiting an elderly relative more often, getting involved in some volunteer work or seeing if you can genuinely aim to reduce your waste or produce zero waste. What we aim for is for folks to instigate some positive change in the lives around themselves in the hope to win a free yoga retreat. It’s good to challenge yourself realistically, use the impetus as a springboard for something you’ve always felt was the positive thing to do. Remember life begins outside your comfort zone!

Triopetra beach, Crete

A post of a commitment for positive change is what we require for entry – please check below how to enter on FB, Twitter or the website.

Please feel free to let us know how you are doing – if you fell flat on your face, are now vegan for life or have begun a fulfilling volunteer commitment. Fingers crossed this lotto can spread some kindness far and wide in a pay it forward vibe.

What not to pledge: While looking after yourself is the beginning of most positive change this lotto is not about pledging 20 minutes meditation a day or traditional self improvement New Years resolutions. It is about doing something to help our fellow beings or environment. As Helen is fond of saying – taking your yoga off your mat into the world around. We imagine most will find that by giving a little in one way or another you’ll also find it personally beneficial.

We look forward to hearing from you…..

We would prefer folk to Facebook or Tweet – this is more likely to get a wider buzz happening and more niceness going around. It also means your friends can encourage you in your chosen quest.

Addo mukha svanasana on outdoor yoga deck

When Facebooking please post with the hashtags #yogarocks #positivechangeretreat if posting on your own wall. Otherwise post in the group event here: (you’ll have to request to join the group to post here – bear with us adding you to the group)

Facebook group:

If Tweeting please #yogarocks #positivechangeretreat, or alternatively tweet @yogarockscrete. Twitter:

We need to be sure to find your entries!

If you have no Facebook or don’t Tweet we obviously don’t want to exclude you – please enter by commenting at the bottom of this page.

chapel at Yoga Rocks

small print:

  • The holiday is for any week on our website where we still have spaces. This is an all-inclusive yoga holiday – yoga, room, food etc. It is sharing a twin room. Flights to Crete and travel to the retreat is not included. We reserve the right to offer to pay for flights and/or transfers for the winner should we feel it is appropriate.
  • Competition closing date 23.59 Sunday January 15, 2017 GMT. We will put all entries into the draw and use a random number generator to pick the winner. The winner will be chosen by this random method rather than the best, biggest or most impressive commitment.
  • If you win and already have a retreat booked with us in 2017 we’ll refund the holiday cost so you do have a free holiday or alternatively you can always choose to come twice!

If you’re feeling it please share this giveaway. Let’s pay it forward for a good beginning to 2017!

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  1. I live in India 5/6 months a year – I pledge that from January 8 to January 28 I will distribute 10 per cent of what I spend on myself daily for food and beverages to the first 5 elderly people that I see asking for funds in the street. I have a large stack of small denomination rupee notes especially set aside for this purpose. There is a stray female dog who has puppies here on samudra beach Kovalam and I pledge to feed her something everyday for the duration of my yoga holiday – January 8 – January 22.

  2. In 2017 I will organize Yoga/meditation classes for my new community. Produce less waste, buy less things, recycle more, use a bike more instead of driving a car, make a garden and grow vegetables for my family, donate blood and help my friends volunteering in a refugee centre.

  3. For 2017 I pledge to have meat free Mondays, and over all eat less animal products. I pledge to grow more food myself in our tiny garden 🌱🍅☺️

  4. I pledge to only use my bike and not buy myself a car for another year even though I live in the north of Sweden 🙏🏼

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