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retreat giveaway 2016

welcome to our first of two yoga holiday giveaways for 2016

The first of two competitions to give away a free retreat at Yoga Rocks. This one is for someone deserving who commits to help others.

This competition has now closed. Thank you for the impressive entries we have received. Incredibly inspiring to see and hear folk doing so much for others. We have chosen a winner. It is Phoebe May who works with young people and she is looking forward to a week at Yoga Rocks. It was a very hard decision that took ‘the committee’ a while to sort. Many nominations arrived by email with the nominees not necessarily wanting public applause. Hopefully you can trust us Phoebe was a good choice. 

To enter, for yourself or another, please let us know what it is that is done to help others and how the holiday here will rejuvenate or be a just reward. This can be community or goodwill work with a relative or sick friend, helping underprivileged, environmental work or even voluntary yoga teaching. Ideally, we envisage this holiday going to someone who really needs it, would appreciate and really deserves it. The universe giving back to them a little bit for what they put into it. Instant karma if you like! (Though we have reservations about our qualifications for dispensing karma!)

If this is you or you know someone who this describes, please write to our email, post below, post on our Facebook event about the competition or just Tweet! Do include what deserving activities are relevant as well as why a yoga retreat will do the trick for the winner. We imagine some people may be happy for the recognition and be happy to know their doings are appreciated in which case feel free to post publicly. Other folk may be less keen for public recognition in which case please email us at

Things to consider and how we’ll judge the winner:

  • We’d hope this holiday went to someone who does not have the means to join one of the retreats off their own back. Maybe their helping others has preventing them saving.
  • We’d like the retreat to go to someone who will really enjoy the holiday. If nominating someone please check that they would really love to come to Yoga Rocks.
  • The holiday will go to the person we see as ‘really deserving’ and we imagine that concept will become clearer as we read entries.

Small print:

  • The holiday is for any week on our website where we still have spaces. This is an all-inclusive yoga holiday – yoga, room, food etc. It is sharing a twin room. Flights to Crete and travel to the retreat is not included.
  • Three or four people will look through the entries and pick the one we feel most suited to win. Our decision will be final. We assume it will be a hard one but please understand we will consider the entries carefully and aim to pick someone based on the things to consider above. One person’s helping hero is not necessarily the same as someone else’s! Hopefully you’ll understand we’ll do our best.
  • We may request a quick chat with potential winner if we for example have a couple of entries we can’t decide between.
  • There is a chance we are left with equally deserving entries and we can’t decide between them then we’ll pick the winner out of a hat from among these entries.
  • Competition closing date 31 January 2016.
  • All entries into this competition will be entered automatically into the lotto giveaway