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We began this page to address what was then an elephant in the room – corona virus.

It is fast becoming a defining moment in our cultural history. While Corona has rapidly changed our lives. Happily some countries including Greece are now operating almost normally within the country with little viral spread.

All is peaceful on the bay 28/05/20. Normal tourism has yet to kick off leaving the beach stunningly desolate.

Gratefully in our isolated bay on Crete Corona did not affect us getting the place ready for what we hoped to be a semblance of a season. Things continued as normal until when we normally open at which point it began to feel very quiet here.

Currently it looks like the tourist related accommodation may remain closed until 15 June. We are here and plan to help folk navigate any changes that the situation makes necessary. As it is so fast moving, and we are offering full refunds, we are not rushing to change the schedule. When a retreat must be postponed eg. as the Greek government is not allowing hotels to operate or the teacher or guests are unable to travel we’ll contact the group. If you want to know the current thinking on your retreat week please contact us.

From which countries guests will be able to land and on what dates is still in negotiation in Greece. There is talk of so called ‘green,’ ‘orange’ and ‘red’ countries. These are allocated according to levels of corona virus as well as policy details within countries. Each colour may have different dates when they are allowed to arrive freely in Greece. The plan is to make easy tourism without quarantine as safe as is practical.

Changes to our cancelation policy

We normally offer full refunds up to 6 weeks before a retreat – no questions asked. We’ve changed this to 2 weeks before so if you have a holiday booked you can relax at least about the retreat as things peak and things feel overwhelming. Should you not feel comfortable traveling when the retreat comes around you are covered. We thought this fair so you didn’t need to stress corona spiked, petered out or threatened to reemerge. As we move over the biggest spikes possibly things begin to feel a lot better. Hopefully you can make an informed decision close to your retreat date – at that time you’ll have a better clearer picture.

Crete situation

On 28 May we’ve had just 19 cases on the island to date and only one known case over the past month.

Totally preventing the spread we thought was optimistic but has been achieved by the Greeks here. Transport within Greece is now reopened so we’ll see if the situation remains good. The Greek, possibly paranoid approach to health is helped prevent a mass spread. They cancelled all carnival festivities country wide (something they have been working towards since November) while they had just two confirmed cases in the country.

On 18 May Greece has just over 2900 cases but has been experiencing a fall in new cases for several weeks already. From 100+ a day over a month ago to under 10 a day the past week. Extensive tracing of contacts continues and can continue at this level of new cases.

Phil lounging on the beach, looking more relaxed than he normally does on the 13 April! No imminent arrival of guests in sight.

Current restrictions within Greece.

Greece has now closed all hotels until 1 June, seasonal hotel can open 15 June. Freedom of movement is now restored with no restrictions for those inside the country. When the airports open to tourism will affect when we can open. 15 June is the provisional date for airport opening, though there is talk that the airports on the islands will accept direct international flights from 1 July. This situation may be more dependent on the corona cases outside Greece rather than the situation inside Greece. Tavernas can open at the end of May. YAY!

Positive hopes

Greece now is looking like a role model of how to effectively contain and reduce the spread of corona virus having currently avoided the crisis seen through much of Europe and the world.

We hope as the weather improves here as it already is and people move to an outdoor lifestyle the transmission potential should reduce further and allow more though safe freedom of movement. It’s not the same sitting at a cafe or our dining area in the open air by the beach with a sea breeze as it is sitting in a ski chalet or a restaurant in N. Europe.

Best everyone is a safe as possible rather than we have the season we had envisaged. We support the Greek conservative approach as it’s saving lives and containing the spread which means people can relax and hopefully return to life sooner.

All fingers crossed that we get as quicker disappearance of Covid 20 as it appeared. The Greek situation is charted here

Travel insurance

We always encourage guests should arrange their travel insurance. Doubly so at the moment. Should governments advise against travel somewhere most insurance will cover flights and more. If we have to cancel retreats and you have travel insurance we are asking you to check if this covers you.


We’ll try to keep you up to date here if we have any relevant local news. This article is in Greek but worth putting through google translate about the Crete corona success. Our feeling is that best to ignore the hype and ups and downs of this spread and see how things are at the time as it’s an unusually changeable situation. If you are into mapping the Greek coronavirus situation is here. This site is best if you like up to date figures and charts.

We are grateful very to be here. This is the wild beach 14/03/2020. Stay safe and peaceful where possible. Home time can be good for connections and we have to hope a more cohesive humanity can come out of this communal experience.

The wild beach near Yoga Rocks

Yoga at home

There’s loads of online yoga we are enjoying. We are starting to get some online stuff together from our teachers who would have been here. Our next online class should be with Gosta … details coming soon.