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Despite Coronavirus, we had an incredible 2020 season. The retreat felt a bit like an oasis in a Corona desert. Totally privileged to have been here and shared 2020 with some of you. We felt a lot of appreciation for the open but safe space – needed respite for many.

Anne wrote: I’m still very grateful for the 2 weeks I spent with you. It feels like my second home. Miss you and the beautiful ocean and nature. The good part is that I’m positive and loaded with energy.

Where we are now

Greece happily avoided the corona troubles most of Europe suffered in the spring and summer of 2020 but has had its share of corona cases this winter. While much of Europe is in the thick of a third wave it will, of course, not be the time to travel, possibly not the time to make travel plans. We have a belief that as the weather warms and vaccination programs move into full swing that come April things will become more open. Hopefully then we can all feel safer as well as less hemmed in and the opportunities to forget about the winter and have some healing respite will seem realistic for folk.

Arriving in Greece – General tourism is aiming to open 14 May 2021

Currently you can still travel to Greece with a passenger locator form and negative Covid test in the 72 hours before entry. Some rapid testing on arrival is happening. When easy tourism reopens on May 14 things will be a little more simple.

The plan at the moment is to ask for any of a negative test, proof of antibodies or vaccination certificate for entry. Once tourism is in full swing, given the lack of local spread last summer this may be relaxed further depending on infection rates in Greece as well as abroad. We are considering the idea of rapid testing guests their first day so we can all relax comfortably in the space in a community atmosphere many of us have been sadly missing through the various lockdowns.

The current entry rules are here:

Yoga Rocks and our Corona response

We have been and will be here to help folk navigate any changes that the situation makes necessary. As it is was fast-moving we offered full refunds at any point throughout 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021.

In accordance with Greek regulations on Corona we’ve taken part in 15 hour educational seminars aiming to ensure the safe operating of the hospitality sector. We made some changes so the space was as safe as it could be while also having a relaxed atmosphere.

Crete situation

Crete has corona cases but not a big spread. In the villages where there is a high proportion of elderly people there is a certain disbelief of corona which is more understandable here than in other places. Normally in the flu season the villages lose some of their older people and that has not happened this year to the degree it can do – deaths are lower than normal. So people are understandably relaxed though mindful of the vulnerable.

Phil lounging on the beach in early corona times before tourism had begun!

Positive hopes

The sun will come, super spreaders will have passed through the virus, the vulnerable will have been vaccinated and this will feel very different come May.


We’ll try to keep you up to date here if we have any relevant local news. If you are into mapping the Greek coronavirus situation is here. This site is best if you like up to date figures and charts. The best English language daily updates on the Greek corona situation are found here – it has a breakdown of the Greek cases per island as well as provinces on this island.

We are grateful very to be here.

The wild beach near Yoga Rocks