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Retreats began early July with some great and immersive retreats. We moved to a more relaxed ‘holiday’ yoga vibe through the rest of July and into August so long stayers could come and work while enjoying all the space has to offer. Many have found it like a post corona destress/debrief while allowing them to get through their work in double quick time.

The retreat has felt like a safe, relaxed space we can enjoy together.

Where we are now

Greece happily avoided the corona troubles most of Europe sufferred in the Spring and early summer. Currently we have an increase in corona particularly in Athens. Crete is a big island and the South coast is so far corona free. There is an outbreak in Chania which has caused the authorities to curtail activity there – hopefully there won’t be a spread through the island. The first time round corona was contained well on Crete.

The retreat is running as usual with safety measures in place. See the full retreat schedule for more info or check out our long stay retreat options – if you fancy a safe extended holiday with us.

General tourism opening 1 July

From 1 July all airports opened. Most EU countries now have direct flights to Greece with randon testing for corona only. Arrivals must complete a form to allow easy contact in case of say corona on their plane. If you are selected for random testing you can continue your journey and will be notified by phone if you are positive for corona. There’s more information here and the contact form to fill in here

As of 17 August visitors flying in to the Greece from Sweden, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands, have to show a negative PCR test (Covid-19 test), that was conducted within 72 hours of arriving at the Greek border. This is aimed at not importing Corona into Greece. The Greek authorities gave a week notice of their plan to require this – so while the situation can change hopefully we get plenty of notice should regulations change here.

Yoga Rocks and our Corona response

We have been and will be here to help folk navigate any changes that the situation makes necessary. As it is was fast moving we’ve offered and continue to offer full refunds at any point. Should you not feel comfortable travelling when the retreat comes around you are covered.

We’ve tried to avoid unnecessarily changing the schedule. When a retreat must be postponed eg. as the Greek government is not allowing hotels to operate as happened in the Spring or the teacher or guests are unable to travel we’ll contact the group. If you want to know the current thinking on your retreat week please contact us.

In accordance with Greek regulations on Corona we’ve taken part in 15 hour educational seminars aiming to ensure the safe operating of the hospitality sector.

Crete situation

Totally preventing the spread we thought was optimistic but has been achieved by the Greeks here through the spring until the return of tourism. The Greek, possibly paranoid, approach to health has helped prevent a mass spread.

On 11 August Greece had just under 6000 cases. Extensive tracing of contacts continues at the current level of cases.

There have been tourists tested positive for corona on arrival on Crete but no local spread has been found so far.

Phil lounging on the beach in early corona times before tourism had begun!

Positive hopes

Hopefully the outdoor lifestyle here as well as safety stuff in place will reduce any transmission potential within Greece. It’s not the same sitting at a cafe or our dining area in the open air by the beach with a sea breeze as it is sitting in a ski chalet or a restaurant in N. Europe. We have plenty of space and plan to use it while reducing guest numbers so we and guests are more relaxed.

The Greek situation is charted here


We’ll try to keep you up to date here if we have any relevant local news. This article is in Greek but worth putting through Google translate about the Crete corona success. Our feeling throughout is that best to ignore the hype and ups and downs of this spread and see how things are at the time as it’s an unusually changeable situation. If you are into mapping the Greek coronavirus situation is here. This site is best if you like up to date figures and charts. The best english language daily updates on the Greek corona situation is found here

We are grateful very to be here.

The wild beach near Yoga Rocks