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We began this page to address what was then an elephant in the room – coronavirus – in light of a couple of mails we’ve received as well as lots news coverage we’ve checked in on.

It was not meant to alarm or overreact but it did not feel honest keeping things trickling along as normal without a nod to a developing situation. Over two weeks later on 23 march, it’s an impossible situation to ignore. It is fast becoming a defining moment in our cultural history and it’s still early days.

Shutdowns are now happening accross Europe and hopefully the full brunt of this can be avoided. Hubei in China shutdown – admittedly more severely than Europe less than two months ago and rarely records new cases now.

We luckily are though, in our isolated bay on Crete, trickling along as normal getting the place ready for what hope to be a semblance of a season. Disruptions to the season will happen and we plan to be there to help folk navigate any changes that the situation makes necessary.

We felt better to be proactive here and stay on it rather than bury our heads in the sand like coronavirus did not exist. Here’s a picture from 15.30 07/03/2020 when we first got the page together. Unfortunately the world at the beginning of March felt like a different place to the one we currently inhabit.

Here’s what’s happening with regard to the fluid situation of the virus and possible impacts on your retreat at Yoga Rocks.

Changes to our cancelation policy

We normally offer full refunds up to 6 weeks before a retreat – no questions asked. We’ve changed this to 2 weeks before so if you have a holiday booked you can relax at least about the retreat as things peak and things feel overwhelming. Should you not feel comfortable traveling when the retreat comes around you are covered. We think this is fair so you don’t need to stress as alerts, spikes or things peter out. This will spike and we are on the heavy upward curve that has a scary feeling to it. Hopefully you can make an informed decision close to your retreat date – at that time you’ll have a better clearer picture.

Crete situation

As of 13 March there were 3 confirmed cases on the island. As of 24 March we have 6 cases in total. There is proactive tracing of any potential contacts on the island – the Greeks are doing what they can here.

Totally preventing the spread may be over optimistic. The Greek, possibly paranoid approach to health, will help with this. They cancelled all carnival festivities country wide (something they have been working towards since November) while they had just one confirmed case in the country.

10 March all schools are closed for two weeks on a day when the new cases rose just 5 to 89. As of 13 March all bars, cafes etc were closed in the country wide. There are around 743 known cases in the country as of midnight 24 March and the country is in shutdown.

Current restrictions within Greece.

Greece has now closed all hotels until 30 April as well as limiting freedom of movement in an attempt to reduce contagion rates. We imagine how this goes and how things progress over the next few weeks across Europe will effect a further tightening or relaxation of the measures.

Positive hopes

Always good to look on the bright side of life we believe.

Coronovirus seems to be most dangerous for the very elderly and already compromised. Close to 90% of over 80s in China getting through it brings the danger into perspective. Complacency is not clever – some folks are at real risk – but feeding and feeling fear about stuff that’s unlikely to come your way is also to be avoided.

We hope as the weather improves here as it already is and people move to an outdoor lifestyle the transmission potential should reduce. It’s not the same sitting at a cafe or our dining area in the open air by the beach with a sea breeze as it is sitting in a ski chalet or a restaurant in N. Europe. There is a hope that the virus itself won’t like the heat. Other coronaviruses don’t survive so long on surfaces at higher temperatures.

Best everyone is a safe as possible rather than we have the season we had envisaged. If we have a quieter season if people decide not to join presumably those that do will have a more intimate experience.

The current stay at home policies through most of Europe should slow things.

Travel insurance

We always encourage guests should arrange their travel insurance. Doubly so at the moment. Should governments advise against travel somewhere most insurance will cover flights and more. Good time to get covered for peace of mind. Update: many insurers are no longer insuring 🙁 those that got policies though should have cover for any necessary changes. Travel bans are becoming the norm – let’s see how these look at the middle of April.


We’ll try to keep you up to date here if we have any relevant local news. Our feeling is that best to ignore the hype and ups and downs of this spread and see how things are once we see how things really are. If you are into mapping though this is a decent site for worldwide monitoring of the coronovirus. The Greek coronavirus situation is here. This site is best if you like up to date figures and charts.

We are grateful very to be here. This is the wild beach 14/03/2020. Stay safe and peaceful. Home time can be good for connections and we have to hope a more cohesive humanity can come out of this communal experience.

The wild beach near Yoga Rocks