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Coronavirus put the 2020 retreat season in a spin, provided challenges to 2021 and hopefully will be more of an inconvenience rather than game changer in 2022. Through challenges we updated as quickly as possible, informed fully and refunded anyone at any point.

Things generally seem to be getting better and as optimists (as well as realists!) we see 2022 as an easier year to navigate but remain vigilant to help and adjust should there be a need.

Let’s be optimistic! We’ve had a couple of shitty years of fear and restrictions. Time to live it once more!

Anne wrote of a stay here in 2020 when we felt a bit like a corona oasis: I’m still very grateful for the 2 weeks I spent with you. It feels like my second home. Miss you and the beautiful ocean and nature. The good part is that I’m positive and loaded with energy.

Where we are now

We’ll keep you up to date with the current situation in Greece over the summer. The ups and downs over through the winter feel a little irrelevant to the summer situation here. Generally as the weather warms here, folk switch to an outdoor lifestyle that provides far less opportunity for infectious spread.

Arriving in Greece

As of 15 March 2022 you no longer need to complete a PLF to travel to Greece. You do need to have proof of full vaccination or a negative PCR-Covid test with 72 hours or a rapid test within 24 hours or proof of having had Covid in the previous six months to enter. Full details of what this means is on this Greek govt website: .

Tavernas, restaurants and shops etc are open as normal. From 8 November 2021 the Greeks are asking for vaccination proof or negative tests to enter closed retail spaces. Lateral flow tests can now be taken at any pharmacy in the country for a set 10 euro cost. We expect the vaccination proof/negative test requirement for shops to end at Easter 2022.

We have rapid tests available onsite should anyone feel at all unwell.

Return Home Testing

Some guests in 2021 required negative tests to return home. Many countries such as the UK and Germany were OK with ‘rapid’ tests that cost 10 euro on Crete and can be drop in affairs on the return to the airport that are good for travel, certified with passport numbers. PCR tests (50-70 euro) may be needed by some. Depending on the number of guests requiring tests, often we can arrange a local testing centre to do tests at the retreat and email results for those needing PCR tests as well as rapid ones. This will avoid an excursion to be tested, gaining beach time!

The current entry rules are here:

Yoga Rocks and our Corona response

We have been and will be here to help folk navigate any changes that the situation makes necessary. Refunds up to retreat start date were important so folk could relax as well as cancel should their situation or feeling change on their holiday.

In accordance with Greek regulations on Corona we took part in a 15 hour educational seminar in 2020, aiming to ensure the safe operating of the hospitality sector. May 2021 brought an updated course for us to enjoy! Practical changes keep the space relaxed but safe. In 2021 our team had to be vaccinated or test twice a week as the Greeks are keen not to have a spread from workers within the hospitality sector. 2022 rules still to be announced.

Crete situation

The big spread through the island only came with the lighter Omicron variant. Most people have had it now and have had all three vaccinations so the the island is pretty chilled. Testing the school kids twice a week means any small outbreaks are contained very quickly.

Phil lounging on the beach in early corona times before tourism had begun!

Positive hopes

The sun will come and we should be able to enjoy some much needed community, yoga and fun.  Whether vaccines, built up immunity, less serious strains or treatment options for Covid prove to be the drivers for an improving situation we do hope to see further improvement in 2022. Improvement we suppose is lower risk of serious illness to lower risk of getting the virus.


We’ll try to keep you up to date here if we have any relevant local news. This site is best if you like up to date figures and charts. The best English language daily updates on the Greek corona situation are found here – it has a breakdown of the Greek cases per island as well as provinces on this island.

We are still very grateful to be here.

The wild beach near Yoga Rocks