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Despite Coronavirus we had an incredible 2020 season. The retreat felt like a safe, relaxed space we enjoyed together through the summer. A bit like an oasis in a Corona desert. Totally privileged to have been here and shared 2020 with some of you. We’ve got a lot of appreciation for the open but safe space we held through the summer. Needed respite for many.

Anne wrote: I’m still very grateful for the 2 weeks I spent with you. It feels like my second home. Miss you and the beautiful ocean and nature. The good part is that I’m positive and loaded with energy.

Where we are now

Greece happily avoided the corona troubles most of Europe suffered in the Spring and early summer. Currently we have an increase in corona throughout Greece which while looking quite dramatic is still at a much lower level than the rest of Europe. Let’s see how the winter pans out now there is a renewed lockdown.


Arriving in Greece

Currently you can still travel to Greece. There is a passenger locator form to fill in. From all origins Greece requires a negative Covid test in the 72 hours before entry. This was the case in the Spring lockdown and will doubtless be relaxed once again in the Spring for the tourist season. All info on the latest rules is here:

Winter Stays

Currently we are closed but are still mulling the idea of long term winter guests. A place people can live in a bigger, safer more inspiring bubble than is possible elsewhere. Of course working, walking, swimming, sunbathing when the weather allows and healthy eating will play a nice part.

Most likely we won’t get this option together or not until early Spring. It needs our energy as well as a critical mass of interested guests. If the possibility excites you feel free to drop us a note and we can keep you informed if this idea looks like it might become more than an idea 😉

For a feel of this check our 2020 long stay page out

Yoga Rocks and our Corona response

We have been and will be here to help folk navigate any changes that the situation makes necessary. As it is was fast moving we offered full refunds at any point throughout 2020 and will do so in 2021.

In accordance with Greek regulations on Corona we’ve taken part in 15 hour educational seminars aiming to ensure the safe operating of the hospitality sector. We made some changes so the space was as safe as it could be while also having a relaxed atmosphere.

Crete situation

Totally preventing the spread we thought was optimistic was achieved by the Greeks here through the spring until the return of tourism. The Greek, possibly paranoid, approach to health in the early days prevented a mass spread.

Crete has corona cases. Currently 20-60 a day on the North coast of the island. At this low number extensive contact tracing is taking place reducing the chance of a more general outbreak. In the Spring travel to Crete was restricted and Corona all but disappeared from the island. The Winter approach to the Corona situation was hotly debated within Greece. Currently we have a lockdown restricting movement to allow contact tracing to work better as well as slow any spread.

Phil lounging on the beach in early corona times before tourism had begun!

Positive hopes

On the bright side this summer seemed to help the Greek idea that tourism could open and a general spread be very limited due to the outdoor lifestyle in the summer on a Greek beach holiday.


We’ll try to keep you up to date here if we have any relevant local news. If you are into mapping the Greek coronavirus situation is here. This site is best if you like up to date figures and charts. The best English language daily updates on the Greek corona situation is found here – it has a breakdown of the Greek cases per island as well as provinces on this island.

We are grateful very to be here.

The wild beach near Yoga Rocks